“Who Else Wants to Get Started,
Plug-In Step By Step WELCOME Lead Attraction System™ to Get More Targeted Visitors, Leads and Sales?”

Are you having trouble getting started on the Internet?  Are you overwhelmed with all the options?  Are you frustrated and worried whether you will ever be able to make it work?

Dear friend,

Oliver and Mary here. . .  We are a husband-wife team who started our online business way back in 1999.  Oliver was awarded as Canada’s most favored Chinese family and individual entrepreneur in 2012. We’ve been teaching packed internet marketing workshops in Toronto since 2010.  We’ve trained thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be just like you to market their businesses online.

It’s all about getting started quickly and implementing proven systems.  In fact, I’m going to issue you a challenge a little later.  It doesn’t matter how ‘tough’ it’s been for you…or how long you’ve struggled to get something working for you online…you can get more targeted visitors to your website by using this one simple trick.

And that’s just the beginning. 

What our students have accomplished is amazing. 

We’ve seen students QUIT their jobs in 2 year or less.  Others build BOOMING online and offline business with the help of online marketing techniques. 

In some of these cases, we’re talking about millions of dollars in sales per year…with money flowing into their bank account from online sales.

Through our extensive hands-on experience working side-by-side with small business owners and entrepreneurs, we know what you are facing. . .

  • You are overwhelmed with too many options and too much information online. 
  • You feel lost and don’t know where to start and what to ask.
    You get stuck on the techie side of the internet marketing and you just can’t remember all those details.
  • You spent thousands of dollars hiring someone to build a website but only found out later that it was absolutely useless. 
  • You’ve tried dozens of software programs, seminars, webinars and have picked up a lot of valuable information but you just can’t put pieces together.
  • You are bombarded by magical “push-button” systems that will make you rich tomorrow or some software that will automatically bring traffic for you. 
  • You waste your time and money chasing the next shining object that promises you to make thousands with no website, no list, no product, etc.

The reason that you feel lost, confused and frustrated is you don't have a system and the fundamental digital marketing skills.  It is not surprising that up to 95% of those who start an online business will fail sooner or later.

I have good news for you . . .  

Based on our 5+ years experience working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, we've created our proprietary WELCOME Lead Attraction System™ which helps small business owners and entrepreneurs create automated online lead generation system that attract more targeted visitors to your website, generate more leads and convert the leads into sales and income.

We originally created this home study course to help our paid students  continue learning after they finish the group training.  We have received many requests from people in other cities or even in other countries who can’t attend our group training classes that they want to use our system. 

After careful consideration, we decided to share this online course with you so that you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Double Your Income® Online Blueprint Home Study Course will help you . . . 

  • Cut to the chase and build your online business by following our proven WELCOME Lead Attraction System.
  • Conquer information overload by focusing on digital marketing fundamentals and core skills that you can implement right away to get instant results. 
  • Access to step-by-step video tutorials and articles to save you hundreds of hours on trials and errors and struggling by yourself.
  • Attract more targeted visitors to your website and build your social media targeted followers as quickly as 7 days by following a step-by-step plan.
  • Motivate you to take action through some of the best motivation speeches of our time.

This home study course follows the mind map of our WELCOME Lead Attraction SystemThere are 6 modules focusing on digital marketing fundamentals, lead generation, email marketing, conversion and traffic, as well as business training, which is critical to running a successful online business.

Module 1:  Rock Solid Fundamentals:  How to Create Your Website, Optimize It and Attract Targeted Visitors to Your Brand New Website … Even If You’re a Technophobic Beginner

  • Confused about Internet technology?  No longer.  Follow along with these step-by-step video tutorials to register your domain, create your website, and grow your business from A to Z online. 
  • Understand Internet language like Wordpress, plugins, widgets, and more…so you can communicate your desires with web designers or any member of your future tech team. 
  • Create fresh original content that people love with these unique blogging tips. 
  • Discover 10 most common yet costly website mistakes and how you can fix them to get more leads and sales from your website.
  • How to search engine optimize your website to dominate your local market.

Module 2: List Building from Scratch:  Attract Buying Subscribers with a Magnetic Lead Generation Funnel

  • Use this easy-to-follow landing page planner to create a high-converting landing page by mapping out the critical elements for your campaign.
  • Recommended landing page tools that can help you build a professional looking landing pages in minutes.
  • Secrets of finding a hot selling Clickbank product to promote for maximum income.
  • How to quickly create a free eBook that can be given away as an irresistible offer to add thousands of subscribers to your list. 
  • 8 Simple Ways to Build Your Email List From Scratch.

Module 3: Building Relationships Through Email:  Turn Subscribers Into Buyers With a Unique Message That Builds Trusting Long-Term Customer Relationships

  • Learn how to set up Aweber and MailChimp to manage your email marketing by following these step-by-step video tutorials.
  • Email conversion master reveals how to find your unique voice to make your messages stand out.
  • Discover 3 easy ways to find writing ideas that speak to the desires of your readers’ hearts and cause them to buy your products or services. 
  • 7 Tips For Writing Winning Email Subject Lines That Get Opened.
  • 6 Sure-fire Subject Line Templates for Your Email Marketing.
  • 80+ Winning Email Subject Lines You Can Model Written by Today’s Top Online Marketers
  • A million dollar email campaign sequence template you can use to craft your own product launch campaign that prints money automatically.

Module 4: Traffic Getting Strategies: Master One or Two Proven Traffic Sources to Bring Targeted Low Cost Traffic to Your Website Any Time You Want

  • Discover 25 traffic methods to get targeted traffic to your website.
  • How to access more than 1.4 billion potential customers using Facebook advertising effectively and find your target audience.
  • How to get penny clicks on Bing (Bing is 2nd only to Google in traffic and often has much higher conversions of visitors into profits).
  •  Where to buy banner ad spots for targeted traffic at rock bottom prices. 
  • How to leverage the power of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to drive targeted visitors to your website.
  • How to use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic from different sources and improve the performance of your paid advertising.

Module 5: Copywriting That Sells: Double or Triple Your Sales By Using this 4-Step A.I.D.A Model, the Art Of Persuasion and Winning Headline Formulas

  • Use the simple 4 step A.I.D.A. Model to double or triple conversions with your website.
  • How to personalize your copy to speak directly to your “Target Audience” and make them feel like you have written the sales copy specifically for them…even if you have thousands of visitors daily. 
  • Follow the proven step-by-step process of creating your sales pages for maximum conversion.
  • Discover subtle persuasion suggestions you can implant into your website to get others to agree with your opinions and come over to your side. 
  • Get access to hundreds of proven headlines and headline formulas you can model to create winning headlines. 

Module 6: Business Coaching with the World’s Best:  Develop and Maintain a Winner’s Mindset, How to Be Successful in Business and In Life . . . So You Can Achieve Financial Success and Enjoy a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

  • Mindset is important to your online success.  World leading motivational speaker Les Brown shows you how to develop and maintain a winner’s mindset
  • Discover 3 vital elements you need to get started, attract prospects to you and stand out from the competition
  • Feel overwhelmed by your workload?  8 proven strategies to help you reduce your commitments, get more done, and keep a balanced healthy lifestyle
  • Read these recommended books to unlock your greatest potential and achieve prosperity in all aspect of your life

When you complete the home study course, you will . . .

  • Build your SEO, social media and mobile optimized website that stand out from the crowd
  • Create a magnetic lead generation funnel to attract leads like magic
  • Set up your email marketing system to double and triple your sales
  • Master copywriting skills that can be used in your website, ads, emails and sales letter today and see instant results
  • Grasp one or two traffic sources that you can use effectively to run your marketing campaigns
  • Develop and maintain a winner’s mindset, be productive and have a healthy prosperous balanced life

“No one is left behind” is our commitment to you.

You can send your questions directly to Oliver and Mary at at any time to get our personal support.

Yes, that’s right!  You can get Oliver and Mary's personal answers and guidance to your unique questions and challenges. 

Don’t underestimate the value of having experienced mentors by your side…especially mentors who have personally trained thousands of students since 2010. 

Special Bonuses

But that's not all.  My goal is to help you get started with everything you need.  I have some special bonuses for you . . .

Bonus #1:  Click, drag and drop landing page tool and premium Wordpress theme (Price: USD$150 when sold separately)

It has over 60+ professionally designed lead, sales and marketing page templates to help you build high converting lead generation and sales funnel.

Why pay USD$40-50/month to create your landing pages?  Use these free landing page templates to create your magnetic lead generation funnel!

Bonus #2:  Premium Responsive Wordpress Themes build on the Genesis Framework for Different Niches (for Gold member ONLY) (Price: USD$400 when sold separately)  

Not all WordPress themes are created equal. While some only have great designs, others have also built in great SEO functionality by developing with search-friendly code and building in the fields you need to optimize your site for search engines. While you can go with any WordPress theme and optimize it for search engines, there are certain themes that go the extra mile in considering search engine optimization during development.

Themes built on the Genesis Framework by StudioPress are by far the best for SEO.  Matt Cutts of Google fame has been using Genesis since 2013.  Genesis framework is highly praised by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg.  The themes are used by top bloggers Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse, Jay Baer, and many other industry experts.  You won't go wrong with it!

Bonus #3: Premium Wordpress theme BizWay (Price: USD$59 when sold separately)

BizWay is a professional and beautiful responsive WordPress theme. It is one of the easiest themes to build your website in few simple steps. If you are a beginner and you don't like the default 2014 Theme, this is a great option for you. 

If you are a real estate agent, you can quickly use this theme to build a website for your real estate project to make you stand out from your competitors.

Bonus #4: 15,000 high quality PLR article package (Price: USD$200 when sold separately)

Don’t know what to write for your website?  You can use these quality private label rights (PLR) articles as is, edit them, claim yourself as author, use in your website, submit them to article directories, or use them to create eBooks. This PLR package covers almost any subjects you can think of - beauty, health, relationship, finance, self-help, travel, sports and many more. Use these PLR articles to create a content-rich website and start to make money from Google Adsense today!

Bonus #5: Earn Your First $100 by Selling on eBay in the Next 7 Days (Price: $49 when sold separately)

Believe it or not, many people have struggled for months if not years to make their first $100 online.  If you are new to Internet marketing (or if you are someone who has tried many different things but nothing has worked) and you are looking for a way to generate your first income online to motivate you to keep going, this report is for you.  It shows you step-by-step how to earn your first $100 online by selling on eBay in the next 7 days.  Once you have the experience of making your first $100, you know the money tap has been turned on.  You can easily double, triple and quadruple that amount again and again.

Bonus #6: Public Domain Image Resources (Price: USD$20 when sold separately)

A picture is worth a thousand words.  You need eye-catching images for your blog, your landing page, social media, etc. Use these resources to find public domain images that are free to use on your website.  It will save you hundreds of dollars on images.

The total price of these 5 bonuses alone is USD$878.  This is not inflated value but the actual retail price.  PLUS, there are more bonuses coming almost every month or two . . . . 


You ONLY PAY $7.99 for 14 days as a Trial

and then $347 For A FULL Year Access
When You Purchase Today!

Double Your Income Online Blueprint Home Study Course is created for our students who paid thousands to attend our group training.  

For a limited amount of time only, we’ve decided to offer you USD$7.99 for 14 days as a trial, then USD$347 for one FULL YEAR ACCESS. 

This is incrediable!  It is LESS than USD$30/month.  You can easily get back your money by implementing a couple of tips learned from this course. 

As of this writing, we have 215 articles and videos(30 hours videos) in this home study course.  New videos and articles are added almost every month.  Our goal is to have 300 articles and videos. 

When you join today, you are considered as one of our paid studentsPlus you get access to Oliver and Mary's personal guidance and get questions answered.  If you get stuck, we’re here to help.  You’re getting everything at a fraction of the cost…especially our personal help in these groups. 

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If you are not satisfied with this package, you can cancel it at any time before 14-day trial peroid expires. There is absolutely no risks on you. After 14-day trial peroid, all sales are final.



Oliver Gu & Mary Wang, MBA, MA, MS
Digital Marketing trainer & consultant since 2010

P.S.  If you are serious about growing your business online, this home study course will help you get started, learn the fundamental and core skills you need to build a solid online business. No more confusion, frustration and wasting time, our proprietary WELCOME Lead Attraction System is your shortcut to online success. It doesn’t matter where you are; you get access to Oliver and Mary’s personal assistance.

Why wait? Grab the membership access and get started today!

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